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More than 20 years of experience in the areas of ICT and IoT. We provide valuable consulting, design, implementation and support services in a vast variety of ICT & IoT areas:

Smart Cities

Modern cities have enormous needs for smart solutions that improve citizens quality of life. Our team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Smart City projects, see recent case studies in Halkida and Patras, and may support regional authorities in adopting smart solutions, such as Smart Parking, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Waste Management, Air Quality Monitoring, etc.

Smart Street Lighting

Street lights consume high amounts of power. Municipalities may save a lot of energy costs and improve lighting quality and city safety, by applying Smart Street Lighting solutions. Our team has implemented several projects, engaging LED luminaires, remote smart lighting control systems, and innovative connectivity technologies, such as NB-IoT, 6LoWPAN, etc.

Smart Energy

Energy sector faces a lot of challenges, in power supply, transmission and distribution domains. Grid infrastructure, network stability, energy storage & management are huge concerns. Smart IoT solutions may improve energy efficiency, increase renewable energy adoption, support introduction of new products such as EV charging, reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Smart Water Management

Water utilities have deployed through decades an extensive network including pumps, pipes and consumption meters. In order to improve network management, reduce losses and costs and increase revenues, they need to apply Smart Water Management solutions, such as remote management, water quality measurement, pressure control, leak detection and smart water metering. Our team has extensive experience in the area, by applying smart solutions and innovative connectivtity techniques.

Digital Health

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and connectivity technologies with high speed and low latency, facilitate the provision of digital health solutions. Our team has extensive experience in Remote Health Monitoring solutions, including wearable devices that measure vital signs, data analytics, and alerting in cases values exceed acceptable well defined ranges.


Digital transformation in the public sector is well under way. Citizens need to be able to access various government and municipal services through their computers, tablets and smart phones. Our team has implemented various projects that include web and mobile smart citizen applications, aggregating data from various sources,and providing useful information for citizens every day life.

Our Team

Our team consists of business and technical professionals, with huge experience in ICT & IoT solutions. Our aim is to be passionate about providing unparalleled valuable services to our customers.
Dr. Konstantinos Ap. Eleftherianos

Dr. Konstantinos Ap. Eleftherianos

Founder & CEO

Possesses a 22-year experience in the areas of ICT, IoT and Telecoms. Has worked in high-level business and technical managerial positions in System Integrators, Telecom Operators and IT companies in Europe (Vodafone, T-Systems, OTE, OTE International).

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